There are 101 things to do, top 10 lists, top 20 lists and others such lists. We aren’t into that so much as we just want you to know about some of the best things we like doing here on Maui. We live here so we should know.

My very favorite is definitely getting into the water and seeing what’s below the surface. As for one of the things that you must do everyday you visit Maui is to get into the water someplace / somewhere. There are a few choice spots for checking out the local undersea population that is close to shore and easy to get to. Most of the times I like to get in for 15 to 20 min on my way to work and see a few friends, the eel, the turtle and a few certain large tropical fish who live in the area. This area I am talking about is between The Cove and Charley Young Beach in Kihei. At this same beach between December and April, when the whales are in the area, you can really hear their songs only a few feet below the surface.

We have a couple more things we really like to do:

  • Watching a Whale breach not far from your little boat.
  • Catching some waves on the surf or paddle board.
  • Watching some HUGE waves hit the north shore during a crystal clear day.
  • Watch the sunrise before or a sunset after another perfect day from the mountain top.
  • Hike up to a waterfall and swim in a crystal clear pool below it.
  • Get into that pool by using the swinging rope.
  • Take a Van Tour to Hana and Beyond.
  • Circle the mountain on the coastal road.
  • Eating at Moana Cafe or Flatbread Pizza restaurants in Paia for their great atmosphere, food and locally grown, organic ingredients.


Top Activities

We love to be outside doing things and some of our favorite things include going out sailing to find whales and dolphins, taking a road tour around the island, hiking and zip-lining through the trees and horseback riding up into the national park. Contact us and we can recommend some other great activities. Start your vacation now and book a Road To Hana Van Tour With Valley Isle Excursions Now.