Teens seem to have a different idea of what is fun on vacation. Sorry, there are no theme parks, two story arcades or a major sports venue.

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Here everything for a teen to enjoy is outside in nature. Every teen likes a bit of adventure and most are into it when it involves some sort of challenge. Here are a few things that every teen should check out when they are here.

Sightseeing Tour – The best way to travel is to get a guide to show you all sorts of cool spots. So that later on when you have time, you go back on your own and check it out. The best way to do that is taking a Road To Hana Van Tour. It covers pretty much everything you really should see in a very relaxing way. There is lots to cover so it takes all day and you don’t get to spend a long time in any one place. That’s ok because all you want is an introduction to build the excitement for your next journey.

Zip Line - Flying over the treetops through the gulches of Maui is definitely something to write home to friends about. This adventure takes you high up the canyons where you wear a harness and cruise across the valley suspended below a wire. Very cool and fun stuff for everyone to enjoy!

Helicopter Tour - Another flying adventure takes you around the island and shows you all the great sites to check out later. Awesome beaches, cool waterfalls and amazing cliffs that drop into the deep blue ocean. A teenager who loves roller coasters will be holding on tight as these trained pilots make you feel like you can reach out and touch the tree and mountain tops.

Snorkeling with Turtles - This is an experience that a teenager will never forget. This isn’t like looking out at the fish and turtles in the lake back home. The colors of the fish, the many caves they hide in and the clear warm water is absolutely unforgettable.

Kayak Sufing – Feel a bit intimidated by the waves. Well get in a kayak and ride them. Being up a bit higher makes them feel much smaller. Trust me you will have a good time. If you flip just be sure to not hit your head.

Boogie Boarding – Well there is no better feeling then hitting a wave right and riding it up onto the beach. There are plenty of great beaches to boogie board. You just need to be sure to choose the right time of day. The change of tides from low to high normally will have the best waves for surfing.

Swimming below a Waterfall – Imagine hiking up a couple miles through dense rainforest and bamboo to a beautiful crystal blue pool. A waterfall pours cool water into the center of the pool. The water is clean and clear. Swing on one of the vines and pretend to be Tarzan for just a moment… till the vine breaks.