So you made it onto the island of Maui but you ran out of cash in the process. No problem, you can find free things to do in Maui.

Swimming- We are guessing that you have no mask or snorkel. There are a few places where you can be pretty comfortable opening your eyes underwater and still seeing things. One of those places is off of Mekena Landing. Most spots that do not have a sandy beach or bottom is normally pretty free of debris. It won’t be clear but you will be able to make out the turtles still swimming by.

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Nature Hikes – There are plenty of areas to check out on foot. The hikes that end or start along the main highways are normally the most accessible. You can head up the Io Valley and it’s not far of a walk from the center of Wailuku.

Town Exploring - Window shopping, store browsing and art gallery’s are perfect ways to spend an inexpensive day. There are many little towns in Maui so you won’t be able to see all the little shops in one day. Lahaina itself takes a full day while Paia and Makawao needs only a few hours. Getting to the town of Hana might take a full day so it would be best to plan to stay up there.

Beaches - The best free activity on Maui has got to be laying on the beach. It doesn’t matter too much which one because they all have their positive points. Some beaches have trees with branches spread out over the water, some are wide and clear, some are black and some are red. No matter what type of beach you are near it will be a great place to spend the day. Bring a picnic, a book and some lotion to be set for a day of relaxation.

Wine Tasting – Heading up to Kula, beyond the Ulupalakua ranch you will find a tiny little wine tasting house. The area itself is beautiful and there are lots of scenic views from throughout the place. Try 3 little glasses full of whichever wine you want. It will give you that nice little boost. My favorite happens to be the pineapple wine which is pretty sweet but I like it anyway.

Whale Watching – There are a number of great spots around Maui to set a blanket and set your eyes upon the ocean. Pretty much any slightly elevated area above the shoreline will give you a better view then sitting on the beach. There is a pullout on the cliffs above Maalea Harbor where I have seen many different groups at once. If you have a binoculars then you can enjoy the show from sun up to sun down for 3 to 4 months every year.

Windsurfer Watching – Another thing to do in maui is to watch the pro windsurfers during an especially windy day above Hookipa. They are really putting on a show and pushing their skills to the absolute limit. It is truly amazing what these guys can pull off with the wind at their back. The colors of the sails against the deep blue of the pacific really makes some great pictures.

Eating Fruits – Everyone loves free food. There is plenty of it to be found on this island. Everything grows so well that it’s hard to keep anything from maturing and producing fruit. Guava, citrus, banana, pineapples, coffee, mango, coconuts and other fruits can be found growing in public parks or on other public, county or state land. For those who love yellow or red guava it can be found just off the trail along many hikes.

Hitchhiking - You love the road. You love to travel. You love cars. Well then maui is for you. One of the few places in the USA where hitchhiking is really common. Many of the locals hitchhike into work everyday without ever being late. There are many people who will pick you up. Get your hitchhiking fun done by sundown otherwise you might get stranded unless coming from a popular event or beach.